Tauranga In Full Celebration Mood

To celebrate the win of the America’s Cup, champagne is flowing at the Yacht Club of Tauranga. In the morning the fans of all age groups gathered at the club to watch the race of team New Zealand and Oracle to seven series. After the win, champagne was opened at the club to celebrate the victory.

One of the fan present at the club jump into enthusiasm while watching the race and described this morning as “clinical”.

He yold the Yacht Charter Croatia website, “The team did not win from the start, but as the race progresses they showed extremely great coordination and sportsmanship spirit, they went fast downwind. Took the control of the match and won it.”

Wrinch said the scene during the race was wonderful and fantastic. It was great to watch the club full of fans and that too in such a large number.

Wrinch said we did not know Burling would when be back at the Club, but whenever he will be here, his welcome would be grand.” He is a great sailor and in the race, he has equally shown his worth in the team. His contribution can never be forgotten and this is the reason that we have planned a warm welcome for him.”

Another fan present at the club said, ”Peter is our hero, has some special talent. When he used to sail in the club, his efficiency was clearly visible. We are not aware of the future plans of Peter, but we wish, if he could come to the club once and we meet him personally and greet him.”

Burling has become an inspiration to many in the club. Many in the club are now considering Burling as their icon and want to become like him.”

I am sure the club will have something like a little welcome home for him” He added.

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