The Yacht Dramatic Tango Wallycento Sail Launched

According to Luca Bassani, the President of Wally “Tango our super yacht turned out the same way as we envisaged; we wanted to give her the same look, which it has got finally.

Speaking about the project, Mills explained, “Our team has developed a radical proposal. It combines deck geometry dramatic with an interior layout that is novel for the efficient result within the box-rule of Wallycento. The yacht is integrated with the structure, which is not seen yet in any of the yacht in this size. The yacht has many new and innovative things that make give it a new appearance, but its structure is still same and very small deviation from the style has been done to create the original vision for a light, sleek and exciting sailing machine.”

The yacht has immersed volume of the hull; it is more than the last WallyCentos, whereas the aft lines of yacht are more stretched and cleaner. Some more advancement has also been applied on the Yacht.

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